Niels Brügger

Ph.D. Niels Brügger

Aarhus University
Centre for Internet Studies
Helsingforsgade 14
DK-8200 Aarhus N

Position / Tätigkeit:

Associate Professor, Director of the Centre for Internet Studies

Forschungs- und Interessengebiete:
  • history of the Internet as a means of communication and a medium
  • digital humanities and the Internet
  • media theory, the Internet, and the relation between the two
  • recent French philosophy
  • history of ideas
  • theories of culture
  • epistemology
wichtigste Veröffentlichungen:

(ed. with Søren Kolstrup) Media History. Theories, Methods, Analysis, Aarhus 2002

Archiving Websites. General Considerations and Strategies, Aarhus 2005

(with Orla Vigsø) Strukturalismus, München 2008

(ed.) Web History, New York 2010

(ed. with Maureen Burns) Histories of Public Service Broadcasters on the Web, New York 2012