Claire Shaw

Dr. Claire Shaw

University of Warwick
Department of History
Faculty of Arts Building, University Road
Coventry CV4 7EQ
United Kingdom

Position / Tätigkeit:

Associate Professor in the History of Modern Russia

Forschungs- und Interessengebiete:
  • Russian and Soviet history
  • history of disability
  • history of science and technology
wichtigste Veröffentlichungen:

›Speaking in the Language of Art‹: Soviet Deaf Theatre and the Politics of Identity during Khrushchev’s Thaw, in: Slavonic & East European Review 91 (2013), pp. 759-786

›We Have No Need to Lock Ourselves Away‹: Space, Marginality, and the Negotiation of Deaf Identity in Late Soviet Moscow, in: Slavic Review 74 (2015), pp. 57-78

Deafness and the Politics of Hearing, in: Tricia Starks/Matthew Romaniello (eds), Russian History through the Senses. From 1700 to the Present, London 2016, pp. 193-218

Deaf in the USSR. Marginality, Community, and Soviet Identity, 1917–1991, Ithaca 2017

Soviet Memoir Literature: Personal Narratives of a Historical Epoch, in: George Gilbert (ed.), Reading Russian Sources. A Student’s Guide to Text and Visual Sources from Russian History, London 2020, pp. 212-227

›Just Like It Is at Home!‹ Soviet Deafness and Socialist Internationalism during the Cold War, in: Kateřina Kolářová/Martina Winkler (eds), Re/imaginations of Disability in State Socialism. Visions, Promises, Frustrations, Frankfurt a.M. 2021, pp. 27-62