Massimo Moraglio

Dr. Massimo Moraglio

Technische Universität Berlin
Institut für Berufliche Bildung und Arbeitslehre
Marchstr. 23
D-10587 Berlin

Position / Tätigkeit:

Senior Researcher; Scientific coordinator of the Master course ›Sustainable Mobility Management‹; Scientific coordinator of the Professional course ›Digitalizing Smart Mobility: Industry Practices and Scenarios up to 2050‹; Editor-in-chief of The Journal of Transport History

Forschungs- und Interessengebiete:
  • sustainable mobility in a long-term perspective
  • transport and communication as a hybridized socio-technical system
  • multi-location life-style, long term vision
  • European transport industry: from retrospective assessment to scenarios for 2050
wichtigste Veröffentlichungen:

(ed., with Christopher Kopper) The Organization of Transport. A History of Users, Industry, and Public Policy, New York 2015

(ed., with Simone Fari) Peripheral Flows. A Historical Perspective on Mobilities between Cores and Fringes, Newcastle upon Tyne 2016

Driving Modernity. Technology, Experts, Politics, and Fascist Motorways, 1922–1943, New York 2017