Esme Cleall

Dr. Esme Cleall

University of Sheffield
Department of History
1 Upper Hanover Street
Sheffield S3 7RA
United Kingdom

Position / Tätigkeit:

Lecturer in the History of the British Empire

Forschungs- und Interessengebiete:
  • social and cultural history of the British Empire
  • politics of difference
  • race and disability in nineteenth-century Britain
wichtigste Veröffentlichungen:

Missionary Discourses of Difference. Negotiating Otherness in the British Empire, 1840–1900, Basingstoke 2012

Deaf to the Word: Gender, Deafness and Protestantism in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland, in: Gender & History 25 (2013), pp. 590-603

Orientalising Deafness: Race and Disability in Imperial Britain, in: Social Identities 21 (2015), pp. 22-36

Jane Groom and the Deaf Colonists: Empire, Emigration and the Agency of Disabled People in the late Nineteenth-Century British Empire, in: History Workshop Journal 81 (2016), pp. 39-61

(with Onni Gust) Disability as a Problem of Humanity in Scottish Enlightenment Thought, in: Historical Journal 65 (2022), pp. 328-348

Colonising Disability. Impairment and Otherness Across Britain and Its Empire, c. 1800–1914, Cambridge 2022